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Enjoy living in traditional background with modern comfort

Accommodation – recreational part of Gothal is made of holiday houses (cottages), pensions and hotels. The houses will be designed in the spirit of original liptov village folk architecture. We will use ecological materials for its construction such as wood, stone, sheep´s wool. There will be some little shops, coffee-houses, restaurants and other services.

Land and house owner obtains:

  • access communication
  • all utilities
  • facility management company services
  • optical-fibre cable: TV programmes, phone and internet connection, heat regulation, cameras, fire alarm

Our wooden houses connect the spirit of a romantic with the thinking of pragmatist. Therefore you can have accommodation that arises from tradition but absolutely fulfils your requirements of ideal comfort.


Tradition and modernity

We designed houses in the spirit of original folk architecture. We will use ecological materials for its construction such as wood, stone and sheep´s wool.

We concentrated on unified look of the whole accommodation section of Gothal centre, which will have unrepeatable character. On the outside you will have a feeling of being caught in original dwelling built on this territory in past centuries. Once you walk inside individual houses you will find all features of modern living of 21ˢᵗ. Just choose house which best suits you in terms of size and layout.

Not only used construction materials and method of construction but also method of heating of your house by biomass boiler will be the best considerate to the environment and to your health.

Facility management company and tourist office will add to your comfort and will take care off:

  • agent mediation of rent of houses, apartments and pensions
  • ensure occupancy
  • management of cultural events and trips
  • operations of sport area
  • management of profitability of your account
  • garden architecture maintenance
  • promotion and advertising
  • permanent breakdown service and maintenance service
  • settlement of utility bills and other services related to operations of buildings
  • sorted waste disposal
  • cleaning of communications, snow removal, greenery maintenance
  • change of laundry and cleaning service



The architecture and construction character of house arises from traditional folk architecture of rural settlements in this region without having to compromise your requirements of current lifestyle.

Each house will be different and unique, clients´ individual requirements will be considered during its construction.

The object will be in major scale of log construction, some in combination in bricked ground floor (stone, brick). Typical are gable roof with shield lower clipped gable.

Used construction technologies are designed solely from natural ecological materials , wood stone, ceramic burnt elements. Other used natural materials will be sheep´s wool , cellulose fibre, rockwool, wood stain and coating of bee or plant origin.

The layout of object corresponds to current requirements.

The ground is ordinarily designed as a day zone of social character with a dining place connected to food preparation, fireplace (premium standard) and toilet.

For optimal utilisation of the premise the lot is utilised with rooms for night zone – sleeping room with hygiene facilities.

Extraordinarily, based on terrain configuration it is possible to think of complete or partial cellar construction with individual utilisation.

The interior furnishing by furniture and technological accessorie will be in compliance with architecture design and your requirements but with an emphasis on house utilisation – rent to clients of the complex.

Given the character of the complex utilisation we are thinking of furnishing each accommodation exterior object –open air or partially covered terraces with garden furniture and tiny architecture.

The adional offer of object facilities include parking place or garage shelter.

A common area with external fireplace or fire place with seating, children playground and swings, with sufficiently large place for badminton, cricket etc. will be in central section of the land of house.


1. Utility connection

Each house will have the following utilities

  • drinking water
  • utility water of sanitation and hygiene facilities, watering and fire puprose
  • drainage of rain water – drainage of land and roof
  • sewage canalisation – canalisation of kitchen and hygiene sanitation facilities
  • electrical socket380/220 V
  • optic fibre with an option to connect to internet, digital TV and radio signal, telephone, camera security system, measurement of electricity consumption, reservation of activities (trips, ticket and other), meter reading

2. Construction system

Foundation: concrete, the above ground section will be tiled by stone tiling or bricked from stones, hydro insulation: melting belts, heat insulation: sheep´s wool

Perimeter and load bearing masonry: woodwork, brickwork, combination

Partitions: wood, stone, aerated concrete

Truss: classical wooden truss with a gradient of 45° insulated by sheep´s wool, with wooden underside covering (lower standard by plasterboard), roof covering – wooden shingle, burnt or glazed flat tile, copper tile

Interior stairs: self-bearing wooden

Chimney: type Schiedel, inner diameter 150-200 with an option to connect it to the fireplace or stove (Premium standard)

3. Interior furnishing

  • Floor: ceramic in the ground floor, floorboard in the loft (exception bathroom)
  • Wall and ceiling finishing: wood, plaster, stone or ceramic
  • Doors: solid wood, wood veneer or plastic foil
  • Windows: wooden with triple glass (in Premium standard outer wooden window shutter!), or double window with 2x double glass
  • fitten kitchen with appliances
  • electro installation with sockets and lights with lightning elements, light – current wiring
  • heating: under floor heating in the ground floor, radiators in the loft
  • boiler for water heating
  • sanitary facilities: non-corrosive, JIKA ceramic, GROHE sanitary fittings
  • electrical appliances in three standards
  • soft furnishing, laundry, dishes, cutlery
  • audio-video and IT devices

4. Exterior furnishing

The land will be incompletely fenced by simple wooden fencing up to the height of 1.2m or bushes.

The car parking will be formed by two lines of pavement cubes for one car to each house: also the Access pathway will be paved by pavement cubes.

As a premium standard we also offer shelter for one or two cars parked behind each other.



Gothal resort is unique one in the Slovakia and we can say that it is the only project of its kind. Gothal differs from the others by its philosophy, volume of investments, richness of constructed objects and quality of provided services.

The first phase of Gothal construction includes building of wooden hoses, combined period brick-wooden houses and similarly in period style also homely pensions, at the same time in the hideaway of greenery a modern tourist and relax complex will be built together with heated football stadium, covered ice rink, water world, wellness, multipurpose sport hall and other sport facilities. In complexly completed Gothal one will find restaurants, amphitheatre, disco or bowling.

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Prototype nest

Projects for land and construction approval will be managed by a designed project organisation, which has experience with design of folk architecture of Liptov village. The construction of objects will be executed by construction companies that are familiar with traditional folk architecture and construction technology. This is the only way to ensure period character of complex and to ensure order at the construction site. Our company guarantees quality, time schedule compliance and fixed prices.

Land and house owner obtains:

  • access communication
  • all utilities
  • place for waste separation
  • orchard adjustments on land
  • common relax place
  • car parking place

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