Floating – Perfect simulation of the Dead Sea

If you are plagued by eczema, blood pressure or fatigue, our lake simulating the Dead Sea will return your lost strength. Miraculous benefits of Floating have returned a smile onto many faces. Be one of them.


Lake with salt water contains salt from the Dead Sea (Israel)

- Water temperature is around 35 &deg
- Salinity levels are 13 – 18 %

Who is the lake for and what are its benefits?
- Improves chronic forms of most skin conditions (eczemas, allergies, psoriasis)
- Beneficially influences the entire body (skeletal system
- joints, backbone, rheumatic conditions, sciatica, post-surgery conditions)
- Creates a feeling of absolute relaxation, removes stress and depression
- Reduces fatigue, insomnia - Has excellent effect on people with respiratory conditions
- Supports relaxation after strenuous exercise
- Supports weight loss
- Is recommended for conditions linked to blood pressure



Floating for two persons1 h€ 60

Prices are valid as of September 1, 2017.


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