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Wellness - Activitis

General information about Wellness

Where can you relax better than in the beautiful environment of Liptov, near Nízke Tatry, in a modern and well-furnished Wellness world in the heart of the Gothal resort? You will return from this place as if reborn. Wellness in Gothal is connected with the Water world, therefore with three pools.

Steam sauna

It is a type of sauna with high humidity (up to100 %) and temperature in the range of 45 to 55 Celsius. Temperature in steam sauna is lower than in Finnish sauna; therefore steam sauna can be visited by people who cannot go to Finnish sauna due to health or other reasons.

Finnish sauna

Sauna with high temperature where the ambient air temperature is up to 110 °C. Air humidity is low, only about 10 %. In Finnish sauna, intense sweating takes place, which leads to fast ridding of harmful substances and toxins through pores. This dry sauna serves especially well for physical and mental regeneration and relaxation.


If a standard sauna is too dry or too hot, you can combine the healthy influence of sauna and steam bath together. Sanarium will change sauna into tropical bath, hot air bath, gentle steam or herb bath. It is up to you to make a choice. With temperature from around 60 °C and regulated humidity up to maximum of 55 %, in Sanarium, you will find extraordinarily favorable climate for relaxation and peace.

Floating – Perfect simulation of the Dead Sea

If you are plagued by eczema, blood pressure or fatigue, our lake simulating the Dead Sea will return your lost strength. Miraculous benefits of Floating have returned a smile onto many faces. Be one of them.


Our Wellness is more than sauna, massages and pools!

If you are looking for relax at sea and are you afraid of the weather? In our wellness resort in Liptov you can experience a holiday similar to the one at sea, in any weather. We offer you a unique floating pool with salt from the Dead Sea, which has the same floating effect as can be experienced at Dead Sea. Besides that, it is characterised by excellent effects on your health and you will feel reborn if combined with saunas. Guests that are looking for sauna world near Donovaly or in Low Tatras visit us. Here you can choose from three saunas – steam, finish and sanarium.

Wellness complex in Liptov – Gothal also offers traditional accommodation in chalets with folk architecture and apartment house. Come and spend holidays in our resort and you will really enjoy your stay with us!


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