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Educational trail – Via ferrata Dve veže

Let us present you Via ferrata Dve veže which is only the fourth Via ferrata in Slovakia and first in Liptov region. It was opened also thanks to Gothal resort which is a partner to the operator of Via ferrata – civic organisation Dve veže. Via ferrata is a so called secured trail, which includes more difficult sections, fixed ropes or iron steps. If you feel like you need more adrenalin and climbing is your passion, you are welcome.



Via ferrata Dve veže is located approximately 4km from Gothal resort in the direction to a neighbouring village Liptovské Revúce. You will find it in an area which the locals call „Zahorovo“. The top point of Via ferrata will reward you with views over surrounding peaks of Low Tatras (Končitá, Malý Zvolen, Čierna Hora), Veľká Fatra (Krížna, Frčkov) and also national parks Veľká Fatra and Low Tatras, which are separated by the river Revúca.

Via Ferrata Dve veže on map



Information about Via ferrata Dve veže:


Opening hours:

Educational trail and via ferrata is opened from 15.6 to 31.1 of a regular year. Movement is allowed during the day one hour after sun-rise until one hour before sun-set.


Getting to Via ferrata Dve veže:

If you are interested in visiting Via ferrata, we will gladly get you there by our shuttle bus, which is available for all guests of Gothal resort.  


Levels of difficulty of trails in detail:

B – medium level of difficulty

It is a steeper terrain with occasionally more difficult sections and bad steps. Artificial support in the form of steel ropes, cramps, stake poles and steeper longer ladders are used for direct forward movement. Several sections are exhausting and tiring. Many experienced alpine tourists use ferrata set with helmet from this level of difficulty. Ferrata set is required for beginners and children and additional support by rope is also important in dangerous and long sections. Without the artificial securing it would be considered as a climbing terrain of II or III difficulty level.


C – difficult trails

The trail consists of steep and perpendicular slopes. Most of prevalently difficult trail is fitted with artificial support (steel ropes, cramps, stake poles, possible slightly hanging ladders). Cramps and artificial steps are more apart (important information particularly for smaller ones and children). The sections are often perpendicular with only one steel rope. The secured sections require certain strength in arms. Long sections of this difficulty consist of large secured trails. Ferrata set with helmet is required also for experienced alpine tourists. Beginners and children are advised to use this trail only with additional rope support and experienced accompanying person. Without the artificial securing it would be considered as a climbing terrain of III and IV difficulty level.


D – very difficult trails

The trail consists of very steep rocky terrain, sometimes with perpendicular or hanging sections. Mostly very difficult and support is only provided by steel rope. Few artificial steps (cramps, stake poles) are far apart each other.


Via ferrata consists of long, perpendicular or hanging sections, which require very strong arms, good technique and also training. The uphill trail is connected with climbing sections of lighter difficulty (level of difficulty I or II) without support, therefore we advise you to go onto this trail only with sufficiently experienced alpine tourist or climber. Even they are required to have ferrata set (climbing shoes and helmet).  


The trail is not recommended for beginners and children, additional support by experienced guide or trainer is required.

Without the artificial securing it would be considered as a climbing terrain of IV and V difficulty level.



Each trail contains iron steps which are 40 cm apart. Each trail includes securing steel rope.



Visitors of Via ferrata must have a ferrata set which consists of a seater, 2 carabiners, energy absorber, helmet, gloves, shoes suitable for climbing with Vibram sole. Less experienced visitors are recommended to be under Professional supervisor or accompanied by another person or be in a group.



You can rent a complete set and use a professional certified supervision directly in Gothal. Just ask at the reception in Water world. In case, you want to reserve your equipment before 10:00, contact us on number +421 948 72 12 12.


Before visiting Via ferrata, please read brief terms and conditions of use:


We recommend getting insurance for all visitors before entering Ferrata Dve veže. Get your mountain insurance for best prices online.

Voluntary contribution

Thank you for a voluntary contribution in favour of a civic organisation Dve veže to be used for repairs and maintenance of educational trail, new via ferrata trails and protection of surrounding nature.


You can contribute:

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