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Standard massage

Standard massage is comprised of massage moves, which are done by a masseur with preventive or healing goal. It has positive effects on skin, lymphatic system, blood flow, digestion, nervous system and, of course, on relaxation mind. 

Sport massage

If you belong into a group of athletes or professional athletes engaging in strenuous exercise, this massage is exactly for you. It is focused on increasing physical fitness or on regeneration after exercise. Compared to standard massage, it is harder and more dynamic. 

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage brings you relaxation, improves health, and heals stress and trauma. The goal is to create a state of thorough and deep relaxation, remove overall fatigue and muscle tension. 

Reflexive foot massage

Foot massage is a great opportunity for your body to start its self-healing mechanism – we will help find its lost strength and balance. Feet contain an exact map of the body, which can be used for diagnosis, prevention and remedying of conditions of the entire organism. 

Lava stone massage 

Relaxing using lava stones is one of the ideal therapies for thorough relaxation and regeneration of your body. This type of massage brings you relaxation, removes tension and stress, improves blood flow and metabolism and harmonizes meridians and chakras. 

Honey massage

A massage that will beautify your skin. The effect of honey massage is based on the active effect that pure honey has on the skin, similar to relaxing touch therapy. Massaging the skin with honey helps blood flow and since body is also detoxifying, skin is able to absorb all beneficial elements of honey. The skin after honey massage is beautifully soft and supple. 


Popular procedure to relax tense muscles. Cupping therapy is intended not only to strengthen skin cells and subcutaneous tissue, but also muscle wrapping. It helps with rheumatic conditions, muscle tension, inflammation, pain, after accidents and also with proper strengthening of back muscles.  Cupping also rids the body of pollutants and can be used preventively. 

Peat wrap

Improves immune system, stimulates lymphatic circulation and blood flow, and accelerates cell activity. Also, due to heat, helps relax muscles, relieves tension and spasms in them, which helps with overall pain in the body. 

Face massage

Massage for beautiful face contours. The goal of the cosmetic face massage is not to influence muscles, but to act on all three layers of skin and to prevent its loosening and other ageing signs.



Standard 30/45 min.€ 16/23
Sport30/45 min.€ 19/29
Relaxing30/60 min.€ 19/39
Lava stone massage30/45 min.€ 20/29
Relaxing foot massage25 min.€ 17
Honey massage50 min.€ 25
Face massage20 min.€ 17
Peat wrap25 min.€ 10
Cupping30 min.€ 24

Prices are valid as of September 1, 2017.

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