Project Gothal

Touch the stars close to eden

Imagine yourself as you relax in Gothal. You adore this locality where the great opportunities are for active relax and fun in the summer as well as in the winter. Gothal conform to you because you find everything you need in the one place. You are living in comfortably and well-equipped wooden house which looks historical but at the same time it consists of absolutely modern furnishing. Since you regularly visit sport complex you have already become an owner of golden card r with many benefits. You like sports complex divided into zones, you like to play badminton at most, followed by taking few lengths in swimming pool and you finish off with massage. You take your family or friends for a tasty dinner to a style chalet. On the return way you are touching stars and you are so close to Eden. And in the following morning you read news on the veranda while drinking your coffee or herbal tea which taste completely different. After all you can pick some herbs on the closest grassland.

Further area development will be focused on:

  • tourist route to deer park
  • cable-way to Tiesňavy with view observation tower
  • golf course or golf learning centre
  • tourist information centre
  • ski slopes

You have two options to become a part of this unique project. You can come here as a guest or can be home in Gothal by owning part of it in the form of unique wooden house.


From spring to winter, there are many opportunities for relax, sport and entertainment

Gothal complex will be truly multipurpose hence you really have almost everything inside that you may require to regenerate. Other options are offered by the surroundings of Liptovská Osada itself and also the whole Liptov region.

Ski enthusiasts and other winter enthusiasts will find what they are looking for, since the location has satisfactory slopes and gradient of slopes for medium advanced skiers, excellent cross – country and ski touring conditions in Low Tatras and High Fatra.

Tourists can go for undemanding walks to surroundings or for bigger walks from Gothal complex. Nearby starting points include: Low Tatras – Magura (1416 m a.s.l.), Saltín (1630 a.s.l.), Prašivá ridge and ridges of High Fatra (Rakytov, Čierny kameň, Ploská, Krížna).

Savour the richness of Gothal – from the massage to the theatre, from the slopes to the concert...

The offer of services in wellness and SPA zone will be exhausting. You can have sauna, various types of massages, mud bath, stay in salt egg or pleasant in bath whirlpool.

Culture and events to be attended:

  • amphitheatre
  • multifunctional hall (cinema, theatre, concert hall)
  • disco for younger and older
  • stylish restaurant live music


Once you arrive in Gothal you will want to stay forever

Gothal resort is unique in Slovakia and we can say it is the only project of its kind. It differs from the others by its philosophy, volume of investment, richness of constructed objects and quality of provided services.

The first phase of Gothal construction includes building of wooden houses, combined period brick-wooden houses and similarly in period style also homely pensions. At the same time in the hideaway of greenery a modern tourist and relax complex will be built together with heated football stadium, covered ice rink, water world, wellness, multipurpose sport hall a nd other sport facilities. In complexly completed Gothal one will find restaurants, amphitheatre, disco or bowling.

Further development of area will be focused on:

  • tourist route to deer park
  • cableway to Tiesňava with observation tower
  • teeing ground or golf learning centre
  • ski slopes

Facility management

A facility management company and tourist office will improve your comfort and will take care of:

  • agent mediation of rent of houses, apartments or pensions
  • ensure occupancy
  • management of cultural events and trips
  • operation of sports areas
  • management of profitability of your account
  • garden architecture and maintenance of greenery
  • promotion and advertising
  • permanent breakdown and maintenance service
  • settlement of utility bills and other services related to operations of buildings
  • waste disposal
  • communications cleaning, snow removal, changing of bed linen and housekeeping


Project Gothal has been considered by Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic, in addition we make some certain measures to get the living in complex more qualitative: the buildings are heated from the central source - biomass boiler with technology using wood chips as a biofuel which is reasonable way of heating.

In our objects within limits the ecological and nature products are used (sheep wool, natural coats of paints etc.) We watch the “carbon footprint” and we will buy foodstuff in vicinity or from suppliers by us supported: butchery (poultry, lamb, wild boar and venison), creamery (cheese, sheep cheese, smoked sheep cheese), cider workshop and distillery. We will support animal breeding such as sheep, goats and poultry and growing apples, pears, currants as well as blueberries cranberries, mushrooms and so on.

These product will directly be served on your table.

Family and children

The conception of the project is orientated to young people and their lives, families, grandparents, friends and colleagues.

There is a possibility to take care of your children in a local playschool, in an hour school in sport complex and in ski school. There will be an hour play school prepared during the 2.phase. Some of attractions are special for children: trampolines, railway and motorway models, playgrounds – these will be found in every nest.

We reflect on bobsleigh track and rope park.

Conditions and process of co-investment

I. phase - preparatory

1) Fill out the questionnaire P1 (PDF)

The questionnaire shall be filled out - identification details of investment into the Recreational house and land that client chooses (nest, type and size of the house, category of facilities, terms, assumed price...)

2) Signing of Framework Agreement on Cooperation in Respect of an Intended Investment into the Gothal Project FA (PDF)

Reservation fee in the amount of 3000 Euro shall be paid within 15 days of signing the Agreement

3) Signing of necessary powers of attorney (P6.1, P6.2)

4) Signing of General Terms and Conditions – P2 (PDF)

5) Signing of Contract of Purchase of Co-ownership Interest in Land in a Nest

The price of a land shall be paid within 15 days of signing the Contract

6) The Implementer shall arrange for co-ownership interest in the Nest to be entered into the real estate register

Directly after receiving the payment for the land

II. phase - implementation

7) Signing of Contract for Work – P4 (PDF)

30% of the price of the work shall be paid within 15 days after signing this contract

8) Signing of Protocol of Land and Recreational House with Appurtenances P5

50 -70 % of the price of the work shall be paid according to the numbers of Sporthal buildings in the process of construction

9) Signing of Distribution of Proportionate Co-ownership in a Nest and its entry into the real estate registry

III. phase – revenue

10) Signing of Draft Contract with the Trust Company P7 (PDF)

Shall be signed together with Protocol of Land and Recreational House with Appurtenances P5

IV. phase – development

The implementer undertakes to gradually invest into the services and thus systematically improve them to raise the land evaluation (aquapark, multipurpose hall, winter stadium, outdoor playing fields, skiing training grounds, cableway, small manufactory support – cannery, slaughterhouse, livestock raising, sheep farms, plant growth, folklore, ecology...)


Company philosophy

The overall concept of the project is based on unique tourist destination in Slovakia - Liptov - closely connected to the famous ski resorts, water parks and nature beauties. Project is orientated to active sports with accommodation in wooden houses – typical traditional architecture - with high-tech equipment.

Project is also orientated to “wellness hotel” – the wooden houses are the rooms and the sport complex is SPA. We do not forget the culture as well as ecology (biomass boiler, natural building materials).

We divide our clients into two groups:

  • First - clients who want to invest in real estates with interesting rate
  • Second - clients who will regularly visit sport complex and use all the services that will not be found anywhere else; regular sport and culture relax give them energy to work and spend the enjoyable time with their families, colleagues and friends.


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