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Your place between heaven and earth

Picturesque Slovakia has a lot of beautiful places but there is a locality where the virgin nature, magic tradition and imposing development opportunities are connected.

The village Liptovská Osada is situated between Ružomberok and Donovaly in the area of Liptov region. This is the place where the unique and special project Gothal has been set up. Gothal is situated on the road connecting two distinctive Liptov villages Liptovská Osada and Liptovská Lúžna.

The multifunction project on the ground of 34 hectares which is being grown is going to be closed and open at once. Its basic philosophy is to keep traditional values and create secret surroundings with club character and services near at hand. Gothal will evocate the feeling of peace and harmony as if you are near the paradise. You will feel the real necessity to come back again and fill up your energy of life.

8 good reasons to choose Gothal:

  • Health – you not only care about your body but about your overall body harmony
  • Future – at present you are creating your astonishing future by your investment
  • Uniqueness – only at this place you can find such wide spectrum of opportunities and possibilities together
  • Ecology – everything is made from natural materials and ecologically friendly
  • Certainty – the resort is being built with long-term vision and guarantee of reliability
  • Care – we take care of you and your property with premium services
  • Relax – gorgeous nature and calm contribute to your regeneration
  • Profit – long term steady yield, since seventh year reaching up to 8%

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Transport connection

Air transport

  • Poprad – Tatry (87 km) – international airport
  • Airport Sliač – Tri Duby airport (50 km)
  • Sport airport – Ružomberok (15 km)

Train transport

  • Railway station in Ružomberok (14 km)

Bus transport

  • Bus station for domestic lines in Liptovska Osada
  • Bus station for international lines in Ružomberok

Individual transport

  • International north – south road E77 (Krakow – Ružomberok – Banská Bystrica – Budapest)
  • Motorway D1 after completion (Bratislava – Ružomberok – Košice)
  • Express road R1 Bratislava – Banská Bystrica

Gothal is comfortably reachable by all means of transport.
For GPS navigation use geographic coordinates: 48.94869167, 19.27718333.


You renew your energy in the armful of nature

Gothal has unique location on the boundary of two important Slovak national parks – Low Tatras and Big Fatra. There is a confluence of three rivers Revúca, Lúžňanka and Korytnica. The village Liptovská Osada lies at altitude from 609 to 825 of meters. The highest area is Korytnica spa.

The municipality is situated in picturesque mountains surrounded by well-known rock pillars and peaks such as Prašivá, Black Stone, Rakytov, Salatín, Smrekovica, Red Magura. The summits are full of breath-taking vista points from which all the major mountains of Slovakia can be seen. There are unique territories nearby and Liptov is region of scenic beauty and special fauna and flora. It is territory of many interesting animals such as otter, black grouse, hazel grouse, you can see chamois at higher altitude. Unique member of flora is sycamore maple.


Noticeable rock monument represents richly divided rock scenery from limestone and dolomite and aesthetically completes the surroundings of Liptovská Osada village.


Sub-mountain streamlet with alluvial swamps, boggy grassland and shore vegetation, where thanks to clean water and natural bed sustained critically endangered species of our fauna Eurasian otter.


Mountain massif with typical mixed vegetation of mountain rubble maple forest.


Stone quarry of lime stone of middle Triassic period with nicely developed reef biotope of Mesozoic seas – various fossils such as stem of day lily, pins of sea urchin, trilobite.

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Let the history influence you

Liptovská Osada is famous since the period of Great Morava. Gothal is its original name which was given to the village by Benedictine monks in 1288. The name means “The God´s cottage”

Benedictines has brought not only religion but culture, art and new techniques of farming. Shepherding and forestry have helped to development and occupancy.

Current Gothal writes another capture of county history. According to an example of origin settlers it brings additional development and cultivation which respect the historical and natural roots of country.

Antiquities and interesting places around the village

  • Vlkolínec – village integrated to UNESCO program
  • Magurka – distinctive mining settlement (plans to join UNESCO programme as well)
  • St. John the Baptist´s Roman Catholic church in Liptovská Osada
  • Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Liptovská Osada
  • Church of St. Andrew in Korytnica
  • Evangelic wooden little churche in Svätý Kríž
  • Outdoor museums – Pribylina, Zuberec
  • Castles and castle ruins: Likavka, Oravský Podzámok, Palúdzka, Liptovský Hrádok, Sklabiňa
  • Museums and galleries in Ružomberok, Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Hrádok
  • Caves Demänovská dolina, Harmanec, Bystrá
  • Spa – Lúčky, Liptovský Ján., Ľubochňa, Sliač, Kováčová, Železnô
  • Korytnica – complex of original spa
  • Aquaparks – Bešeňová, Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš, Turčianske Teplice, Dolný Kubín, Aquacity Poprad


Current social services

According to the number of inhabitants the village Liptovská Osada is well equipped with social services. The visitors will find everything tospent comfortable times here.


  • Sheep farms in Liptovská Osada, Liptovské Revúce, Liptovská Lúžna
  • Cows and calfs farming in Skalné
  • Monument of soldiers killed in action during the Second world war

Other services

  • Small shopping centre, confectionery, hairdresser´s, florist´s, cross country skiing tracks, bike and tourist tracks ...

Made part of construction

  • Biomass boiler with technology
  • Caliduct
  • Water well with faucet and technology (supply water)
  • Representative wooden house

Project readiness

  • Planning permission for the sports complex
  • Planning for the first phase of accommodation – communications and utility lines



Some activities at the distance of 50 km

  • Hiking and cyklo tracks in Little Fatra, Great Fatra and Choč mountains, ...
  • Water sports – Liptovská Mara dam, Šútovo, ...
  • Aquaparks – Bešeňová, Tatralandia, Dolný Kubín, ...
  • Spa – Lúčky, Liptovský Ján, Železnô, Lubochňa, Kováčová, Sliač, Korytnica , ...
  • Skiing – ski resorts Donovaly, Malinô Brdo, Kubínska Hoľa, Jasná, ...
  • Caves – Demänovská dolina, Harmanec, Liptovský Ján, Važec, ...

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